ONE Neighborhood Builders has recently been approved for funding to upgrade all the 13 buildings at Elmwood Neighborhood Revitalization II (ENR II), including the interiors of the 46 residential apartments.

We expect construction to begin in February 2024 and continue through 13 phases through July 2024.

The work will require households to be relocated into a local extended-stay hotel for two to three weeks, depending on the needs of your apartment. Relocation is necessary so that residents will not be exposed to construction hazards as the work progresses. 

Please check this webpage periodically for updated information and changes to scheduling.

More questions?

Call Steve Kearns at 401-351-8719 Ext 119

Elmwood Apartments


17 Mawney St.
34 Mawney St.
40 Mawney St.
44 Mawney St.
11 Moore St.
50 Moore St.
54 Moore St.
58 Moore St.
75 Congress Ave.
213 Congress Ave.
316 Elmwood St.
685 Broad St.
691 Broad St.

The rehabilitation work will be performed on an as-needed basis, but will likely consist of:


  • Roof, gutter and downspout replacement
  • Replace deteriorated trim
  • Replace exterior doors, sills and hardware
  • Replacement of decks, ramps, treads and risers with composite decking
  • Paint all siding, trim, windows and foundations
  • Power-washing of brick and granite
  • Replacement of storm windows
  • Upgrade existing flood lights
  • Patch, crack-fill, seal-coat and line-stripe driveways
  • Replace concrete pads and trash enclosure fencing
Elmwood Apartments


  • Paint hallways and stairs
  • Replace intercom systems
  • Install new smoke detectors
  • Replace water heaters and boilers
Elmwood Apartments stairs


(for apartments in need of such work)

  • Complete painting of all wall surfaces
  • Install new cabinets and countertops
  • Replace refrigerator, stove and range hoods
  • Replace kitchen sink and faucets
  • Provide new fire extinguishers
  • Replace bathroom vanity and faucet
  • Install new toilers, medicine cabinets and shower mixing valves
  • Re-glaze damaged tubs
  • Replace ceiling exhaust system
  • Refinish existing hardwood flooring
  • Replacement of baseboard heat covers