ONE Neighborhood Builders has affordable rental housing options for individuals who fall within low-income and moderate-income guidelines.

Please select your application and return it to us by:

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    66 Chaffee St. Providence, RI (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Affordable Housing Options

If you earn between 50%-60% AMI (Area Median Income), you qualify for our affordable housing options.

Family SizeIncome
1 Person$16,900-$33,750
2 Person$19,300-$38,550
3 Person$21,700-$43,400
4 Person$25,100-$48,200
5 Person$29,420-$52,050
6 Person$33,740-$55,900
7 Person$38,060-$59,750
8 Person$42,380-$63,600

Please complete and submit this application and we will contact you with available options.

Preserving Providence Properties (P3)

ONE|NB has a separate housing initiative called P3, designed to provide rental housing for individuals earning between 80%-100% AMI.  If you fall within these income guidelines, and are interested in rental housing, please fill out this application and we will contact you.

Family SizeIncome
1 Person$45,000-$56,400
2 Person$51,400-$64,500
3 Person$57,850-$72,550
4 Person$64,250-$80,600
5 Person$69,400-$87,050
6 Person$74,550-$93,500
7 Person$79,700-$99,950
8 Person$84,850-$106,400