What is ONE|NB Connects?

ONE|NB Connects is a program that provides free internet to a portion of the Olneyville community.  

It is FREE and accessible from any device that has internet capabilities. 

No requirements, no catch, no cost. Just log in and start accessing the internet!

Access to high-speed internet is crucial for learning, working, socializing, and accessing important services. The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered libraries, coffee shops, community centers, and other public places that generally offer free WiFi. Children and families needand deservereliable, high-speed WiFi!

With ONE|NB Connects: Community WiFi, we have created a mesh WiFi network that covers 5 million square feet of Olneyville (about half the neighborhood and roughly two-thirds of all neighborhood residents!).

Watch a Video on How to Connect:

How to use ONE|NB Connects

It’s easy! Here’s what to do:

  1. On your device, click on your WiFi icon and search for available networks
  2. Click on “ONE|NBConnects”
  3. Enter password: OVWifi2020
  4. Congratulations. You are connected!

In partnership with:

Thank you to our generous friends and sponsors!

Thank you so much for your support in making our community a better and more just place for everyone. Thanks to our individual donors and sponsors, we raised over $260,000 to purchase necessary equipment!

Please call ONE|NB Executive Director Jennifer Hawkins at (401) 351-8719 x101, or make a donation online to join the movement.

Originally Posted on the Community Broadband Bits Podcast

By Ry Marcattilio-McCracken

Jennifer Hawkins, President and Executive Director of ONE|NB, and Christopher Mitchell of the Institute for Local Self Reliance discuss the Olneyville neighborhood, situated on the west side of Providence, and how significant health disparities in that community led ONE|NB to jump into action over the summer of 2020 to build a free wireless network for residents. Jennifer and Christopher talk about mapping the network, placing hardware on ONE|NB-owned buildings, and putting up 12 access points to cover more than half of the community with robust wireless. She shares why the project has been worth it, and the health outcomes ONE|NB hopes to achieve by providing free community WiFi.