Since ONE|NB connects is a living project expect this FAQ to grow exponentially as we learn! If you have particular answers not answered here, please email blasczak at so we can continue to improve this page.

Why are we investing in this? 

The need to address Internet accessibility has become even more pressing, with millions of homes serving as both office and classroom during the coronavirus pandemic. Located in Central Providence, Olneyville has one of the highest rates of coronavirus cases in the state, and one of the lowest rates of Internet access, with 39% of residents lacking broadband access. If we fail to heal the digital divide and equitably expand access then we will see economic recovery become more limited and exclusive.

What is ONE|NB Connects? 

ONE|NB has installed 12 wireless routers onto the rooftops of buildings owned by in Olneyville. These routers connect to one another to form a wireless mesh network. That network provides direct access to the internet without the intermediary of a commercial Internet Service Provider.

I already have WiFi at my house, can I cancel it and use ONE|NB Connects instead?

ONE|NB Connects is not intended to be a replacement for homes that already have internet. This service is intended to provide free internet connection for homes for that do not currently have internet access and provide them with a satisfactory WiFi experience.

May my children use this to learn from home?

Yes! We hope that families will use this service to help connect for distance learning purposes. Children and families need – and deserve – reliable, high speed Wi-Fi! 

How fast is it?

ONE|NB Connects has a Speed Rate-Limit of 20Mbps a Bandwidth: Rate-Limit of 20Mbps per device on average and a Latency of 200 millisecond average

How do I log in?  Do I Need a Password?

    1. Click on your WiFi icon on your device and search for available networks
    2. Click on “ONE|NB Connects”
    3. Enter pass key: OVWifi2020
    4. Congratulations, you are connected

What if I don’t see “ONEN|B Connects” as a Network option?

You are most likely not within range of the ONE|NB Connects mesh network

 Will you be monitoring my usage? Will you know what I watch/download?

ONE|NB will be monitoring speed and coverage – so we can constantly improve.  We will not be monitoring what you look at or download.

Is it secure?

When connecting through the mesh you should use the same standard precautions as you would when connecting to any public WiFi, such as at a  coffee shop or airport. Use https web sites for secure connections (most browsers do this by default nowadays), or use a VPN service.

What is rate limiting?

“Rate limiting” is a feature where each connected device is administratively limited to a maximum data rate. It works as an equalizer where everyone gets an equal share of the internet connection. ONE|NB will initially set this feature at 20Mbps, and may decrease it in order to ensure equitable coverage.

What is the coverage zone? 

The coverage will be strongest in the area bounded by Delaine St, Amherst St, Aleppo St. and Manton Ave. See below for the map of Hubs and Hop Equipment. We need residents to help us define the exact coverage area – let us know by sending us this connectivity feedback form.

Is it really free?

ONE|NB Connects is free for the community, however it costs money and time to operate and maintain.  If you can contribute to closing the digital divide, please do so here. We also suggest a recurring monthly donation if you can.

Wifi is slow or down, what can I do? 

Service disruptions are possible. Extreme weather such as heavy rain, blizzards and hail, for example, can decrease connection speeds as they affect the router’s wireless signal.

How many people can use Wifi at once in my house?

There will be no device limit per household.

Does is work inside and outside?

Yes, the ONE|NB Connects network will work both inside properties and outside.

Do you intend to expand the mesh to more of the neighborhood?

We hope to expand to the entire Olneyville neighborhood but require additional financial support in order to do so.

Where can I read more about ONE|NB Connects in the news? 

We have a ONE|NB Connects press page here.

Who do I have to thank for making this possible?

We have many generous friends, partners, and sponsors to thank for making ONE|NB Connects a reality. Thank you to OSHEAN, Brave River Solutions and Harbor Networks for partnering with us to create the first of its kind mesh network in RI. Thank you to HarborOne Bank, Bank Newport, Bay Coast Bank, Citizens Bank, Integra Care England, Rhode Island LISC, NeighborWorks America, Tufts Health Plan, Washington Trust Bank, and many individual donors for helping to close the digital divide.