Central Providence Roadmap

The Central Providence Roadmap is the first comprehensive, community-built collective impact plan focused on the nine neighborhoods in 02908 and 02909 zip codes. The Roadmap was developed with input from more than 60 community organizations, civic leaders, and residents of Central Providence. The Central Providence Roadmap is about collectively imagining – and working together to realize – a future with greater health and economic equity. It recognizes and aims to build upon the assets and potential in Central Providence: dedicated community members, innovative programs and services, and a shared commitment of organizations and residents to work together toward shared goals.

In the Roadmap released in March 2023, CPO-HEZ identified our shared visions, aspirational conditions, and the metrics needed to track progress toward our goals. Our shared goals are called “North Stars” and target three overarching pillars:
1) Meeting foundational needs
2) Supporting mobility drivers
3) Building power and capacity

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North Stars

    • Everyone has a safe and affordable place to live.
    • Everyone has access to the resources they need to be healthy and well.
    • Every young person is ready to learn, and our educational systems are ready to receive them.
    • Everyone who wants to start or grow their own business has the opportunity to do so.
    • Everyone has access to dignified, sufficient, and sustaining employment.
    • Everyone is equipped and empowered to take action affecting change in their community.

The CPO-HEZ has convened Working Groups related to each of the six North Stars, as well as a Steering Committee to guide the overall strategic direction of the Roadmap implementation.