Monique Scott-Megag

Director of Data & Impact

Monique Scott-Megag is proud to join ONE|NB as Director of Data & Impact. With a background in nonprofit operations, her work is rooted in housing policy and advocacy, organizational development, strategic planning, mental health, health, and racial equity.

Monique keeps busy outside of work as the cofounder and board secretary for Healing Options for Post-traumatic Experiences (HOPE), and with her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta. When she isn’t working, she is with her husband and her dog-son, Tarzan. The three of them enjoy outdoor projects, planting, and aquatic activities, cooking and creating new flavor profiles, meditating, and road trips. Monique holds a bachelor of arts degree from Bethune Cookman University and a master of science from Boston University.

She has a translucent approach to her career and personal life and believes hope and joy are life’s best practices.

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Monique Scott-Megag