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Jennifer Hawkins, the Executive Director of ONE Neighborhood Builders, discussed the Central Providence Roadmap in an interview with podcaster Steve Klamkin.

“This roadmap is a culmination of a over a year long process of working with 60, more stakeholders working and learning together in central Providence,” Hawkins said. “It lays out a vision for how we achieve economic mobility, and close health disparity gaps that are prevalent, too often in Central Providence.”

The roadmap covers four primary disciplines, including early education, local business development, affordable housing, and on-ramps to living wages, she said. The planning stage has concluded, and the roadmap outlines the outcomes, strategies, tactics, and indicators to measure progress toward its goals.

One of those goals, Hawkins said, is to provide free or universally paid pre-K education to all eligible children living in Central Providence. The neighborhoods are the nine neighborhoods in Central Providence, and ONE Neighborhood Builders intends to work as the backbone agency to bring resources to these neighborhoods through fundraising, policy advocacy, and convening different city and state agencies, she said.