Haley Hardwick Witman
ONE Neighborhood Builders
Providence, R.I.

ONE Neighborhood Builders’ Haley Hardwick Witman was featured in the AIA-RI chapter’s monthly newsletter for March. Below is a bio of Haley from the Enterprise website. Enterprise sponsors the Rose Fellows program, which was highlighted in the AIA-RI newsletter.

The progressive strides in sustainable design, both socially and environmentally, are encouraging to Haley as an idealist seeking to change the way in which people inhabit the world. She believes that it is critical to the success of a project that the existing community is involved and heard from the very beginning stages of planning and designing.


As a Rose Fellow, she hopes to put these beliefs into practice with ONE Neighborhood Builder’s in assessing communities surrounding Providence and listening to their needs. As part of the professional field, her goal is to create opportunities for architecture to exceed the conventional boundaries and allow all community members to have a seat at the table.


Haley is excited to oversee the development and construction of a net-zero single family home. She hopes to make design decisions along the way that will allow for the project to become prototypic yet adaptable in order to be utilized in many neighborhoods. Haley hopes to develop clear processes that will help ONE Neighborhood Builders better assess the needs of a neighborhood, as well as to develop and maintain new and existing properties. Once implemented, these processes would allow for stronger communication between parties involved in the development of a project and the impacted community.


Haley earned her M.Arch from the University of Oregon and a BFA in Architecture from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. She is SEED certified and is a licensed architect in Rhode Island.