By Richard Asinof

PROVIDENCE – One if by land and two if by sea. That was the way that the midnight ride of silversmith Paul Revere was memorialized in a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow about the start of the American Revolution in April of 1775, written nearly five decades after the original event.

No matter that it was William Dawes and Samuel Prescott, not just Revere, who successfully sounded the alarm for the farmers who stood their ground against the British soldiers in Lexington and Concord, Mass., where the Redcoats were coming to seize arms and munitions.

But who will memorialize the story of the revolutionary Wi-Fi wire mesh network built out by ONE Neighborhood Builders in the fall of 2020, in response to the needs identified in a survey of neighborhood residents during a time of pandemic, connecting more than 1,000 households to free Internet access?

The free Wi-Fi wire mesh network, known as ONE|NB Connects, is now poised to begin construction of Phase Two of its connective system, building out the infrastructure in order to serve an additional 1,000 households in Olneyville, bringing the total number of households served to approximately 2,100.