Central Providence Opportunities (CPO) is a two-year, $8-million, place-based effort to improve economic mobility for residents in the nine neighborhoods located in the 02908 and 02909 ZIP codes: Elmhurst, Federal Hill, Hartford, Manton, Mount Pleasant, Olneyville, Silver Lake, Smith Hill, and Valley. Economic mobility is the likelihood that children achieve a higher standard of living than the household in which they were born.

ONE Neighborhood Builders convenes CPO. By October 2022, we will:

Invest $5 million in proven or promising initiatives that lead to increasing affordable housing, improving third-grade literacy, growing residents’ wages and skills, and supporting the profitability of local businesses.

Amplify and coordinate the work of the Central Providence Health Equity Zone to address health disparities by improving social and economic conditions in 02908 and 02909.

Suggest new public sector policies and legislation that will help us achieve our mission for the long-term.

Learn how place-based, community-led transformation happens and develop baseline metrics to quantify economic mobility.

Participate in a State-led scaling workgroup that will inform Rhode Island’s health equity zone expansion strategy and its comprehensive approach to place-based equitable revitalization.

CPO Focus Areas and Goals

Central Providence Opportunities aims to build and sustain improvements in four focus areas:


Affordable Housing

Increase production and preservation of affordable housing

Early Education for Ages 0 to 8

Promote and improve reading education so that more students are reading at grade level by third grade

Business Development

Support local and minority-owned businesses so they can sustain themselves and expand

On-Ramps to Living Wages

Encourage and expand training and education that will help increase residents’ wages


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Grant applications closed for this round

The Central Providence Opportunities Resident Advisory Council recently concluded accepting grant applications for its Community Impact Fund.

The funding, offered in grants of up to $5,000, was to support creative, community-driven projects that support the goals and objectives of Central Providence Opportunities.

Read more about the grant process. | Español

The Resident Advisory Council

ONE|NB has formed a Resident Advisory Council (RAC) of 18 individuals who reflect the diversity of Central Providence. The RAC meets regularly and works to ensure broad, authentic engagement from residents of Central Providence so that residents and families most impacted by economic insecurity and lack of opportunities have a strong voice in recommending solutions to these problems.

Central Providence Collaborative

Community-based organizations will continue to be involved through the Central Providence Health Equity Zone (CP-HEZ) Collaborative. The Collaborative is comprised of a diverse group of more than 25 partners who act as the HEZ thought partners and implementation team.

Community Health Workers

ONE|NB currently has 14 Central Providence residents (02908/02909) participating in our Community Health Worker (CHW) registered apprenticeship. These primarily bilingual residents conduct screenings of residents for social determinants of health, work that helps us understand the needs of community residents.

Listening Tour

A series of community conversations began in March of 2021. To stay updated, please sign up for CPO emails and our ONE|NB newsletter.

Overall Budget for Central Providence Opportunities: $8 million

(Updated 11/23/2021 and then quarterly)

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ONE|NB formed a Resident Advisory Council (RAC) of 18 individuals who reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the neighborhood.

To read more about the skills and strengths that each member of the Resident Advisory Council brings to this community-based work, hover the cursor over each picture and then click the mouse to discover employees’ individual biographies.

* Alumni


Q1: What types of investments will be made with the $8 million grant?

Four key principles will guide CPO investments in initiatives:

  1. Scale: Investments that contribute to policy change or an expansion of our reach will be prioritized. The idea is to ensure that more people in Central Providence — particularly those in households who have been historically marginalized — have access to quality services.
  2. Leveraging: Investments that leverage additional government or private funds will be prioritized because of the impact such additional resources can offer to programs in Central Providence.
  3. Innovation: We will be able to fund catalytic projects and/or innovative approaches to address systemic barriers, in large part because of the flexibility that comes with unrestricted funding.
  4. Community Engagement: By truly listening to community members about their lived experiences, we expect to identify innovative approaches to existing barriers and to address gaps that have existed in part because of systems that have not been responsive enough to community voice.

Q2: What is the connection between Central Providence HEZ and CPO?

ONE Neighborhood Builders is the “backbone” or convening organization for both the CP-HEZ and CPO. The primary goals of the CP-HEZ and CPO are to address community inequities by identifying barriers and solutions, lifting community voice, and creating increased access to opportunities.

Recognizing and uplifting community voice is a key piece of how the CP-HEZ operates. The CP-HEZ holds regular “Collaborative” meetings that include Community Health Workers and stakeholders who report on critical community needs. CPO relies on the Collaborative’s input as well as on input from our own Resident Advisory Council as we work together to propose and create solutions.

Q3: What do you mean by "social and economic mobility"?

Systemic racism and discrimination have led to economic insecurity and lack of opportunity for too many people, especially in the ZIP codes where we focus our efforts. Our CPO work is intended to create more equity in Central Providence by addressing systemic barriers and finding solutions to create enduring change.

Social mobility is the movement of a person, people, family, household, or group on a social ladder or position in society.

Economic mobility represents the ability of a person, people, family, household, or group to increase their income and/or build generational wealth. Essentially, economic mobility is the likelihood that children can achieve a higher standard of living than the household or family into which they were born.

Q4. How are you evaluating your impact and recording what you are learning?

Evaluation and Learning is embedded in the work of CPO so that our evaluation activities are in line with CPO project goals and milestones. We are collecting important community data and documenting what we are learning throughout this two-year initiative. CPO evaluations are intended to assess the short-term impact of our work and to identify ways the initiative could be expanded or replicated.


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