At ONE|NB we offer multiple classes, seminars and workshops to help new and prospective homeowners purchase and maintain their homes and help individuals improve their financial well-being. This includes bilingual homebuyer education, a class for prospective landlords, and Financial Wellbeing 101: Skill Building for Financial Stability and Growth.

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HUD-Approved First-Time Homebuyer Course


**Open to everyone and required for down payment and closing cost assistance programs**

This course provides likely homebuyers with the financial and legal knowledge necessary for purchasing a home. Students learn the basics of budgeting and saving, how to work with banks to get loans, and how to access and interpret their credit scores. Students also learn how the closing on a property works, what is involved in making a down payment, and where to apply for down payment and closing cost assistance. Classes are offered monthly. Students can select from one of two options:

Option 1: Weeknight evenings – four-week course (2-hour sessions)

Option 2: Saturday mornings – two-week course (4-hour sessions)

($75 registration fee)

HUD-Approved First-Time Homebuyer Course *ONLINE*


ONE Neighborhood Builders is now offering an online first-time homebuyer education course.

($119 registration fee)  Use coupon code OURHOME24 for $24 off


HUD-Approved Landlord-Tenant Workshop


This 1-day workshop (3 hrs) is designed for students who plan to purchase multi-family homes or investment properties. During this course, prospective landlords learn the legal obligations and ethical responsibilities of owning a rental property and engaging with tenants. Students will gain a deep understanding of lease formatting and jargon, how to approach rent delinquency, and what it takes to comply with the Fair Housing Act. Prospective landlords will also become familiar with HUD rental and rent subsidy programs in addition to other federal, state and local rental assistance programs. After this course, students will be able to provide their tenants with assistance in locating and gaining alternative housing if necessary.

($75 registration fee)

Financial Well-being 101

Skill-building for Financial Stability and Growth

This 1-day workshop is designed for prospective homeowners and other community members. Over the course of 2 hours, students gain financial literacy and learn the necessary skills to become financially independent and/or begin saving towards a home. After assessing their current financial situation, students are guided through setting achievable financial goals. They are instructed on how to take day-to-day control of their money, build net worth, invest, and manage debt wisely. Students are also taught the essentials of estate planning.

NOTE: Each student who participates in Financial Well-being 101 also receives a free one-on-one financial coaching session with one of our certified trainers.

(Free of charge)