The Bowdoin development was completed in August 2022.

Bowdoin Street Rowhouse

ONE|NB’s first modular development

  • 1 building
  • 8 apartments: (2) 1-bedrooms and (6) 2-bedrooms. One of the 1-bedrooms is fully accessible.
  • There is off-street parking.
  • They are for renters 50%-80% AMI.

Delaine Street Apartments / Bowdoin Street Rowhouse booklet

Bowdoin Street Rowhouse is a multi-family development in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence. The redevelopment transformed Bowdoin Street, which had three properties that had been vacant for two years and had three structures that had been destroyed by fire. The redevelopment has easy access to public transit, as well as many civic, educational, and recreational opportunities, including the Olneyville Community Library, Joslin Park and Joslin Recreation Center, and Nickerson Community Center, with its child care and charter school.