Founded in 1988, ONE Neighborhood Builders has established itself as a community development leader in Rhode Island. We develop affordable housing and engage neighbors across Greater Providence to cultivate safe, healthy, vibrant communities.

To date, we have developed 482 affordable apartments and 130 home ownership opportunities, as well as 34,000 square feet of commercial and community space. We achieve our mission through robust housing development, addressing root causes of health disparities, and embracing innovation and building the community development field.

Affordable Apartments
Home Ownership Opportunities
Commercial & Community Space

In addition to real estate development, ONE|NB addresses the root causes of health disparities. We strive to generate the social and economic conditions in Central Providence that prolong life expectancy and work to eradicate systemic barriers that lead to health disparities.  We lead the Central Providence Health Equity Zone, a collaboration of more than 25 community stakeholders who work collectively to identify and eliminate barriers to health.

Our work is pursued with an enduring commitment to equity—a core organizational value that drives the selection, advancement, and organization of our projects. The agency proudly maintains a highly diverse staff and board, reflecting the communities we serve and representing a wide constellation of identities, the result of intentional board and staff development and deep institutional dedication.