Our WiFi expansion is under way

We’ve begun the expansion and improvement of our free community mesh WiFi network in Olneyville, called ONE|NB Connects.

Phase 2, when completed, will expand our reach and improve bandwidth to about 2,100 households.

ONE|NB Connects was conceived and made operational in 2020, when COVID-19 struck. We knew people in our historic home of Olneyville needed reliable internet for school and telehealth services. Read more about ONE|NB Connects

New doula training to start soon

We’re excited about Our Journ3i’s next doula training to be held from March 10-13. Our Journ3i’s Doula Workforce Development Initiative strengthens the network of doulas living or working in the nine neighborhoods of 02908 and 02909, and is funded in part by ONE|NB’s Central Providence Opportunities Health Equity Zone.
The first training took place in December with 17 participants.
Through increased access to doula services, we anticipate positive long-term impact on Black maternal health, early education outcomes, and economic mobility.
We’re proud to be partnering with Our Journ3i on this important initiative.

We back the state’s latest efforts to fund affordable housing

We joined with other affordable housing advocates this month in thanking Gov. Dan. McKee and his Administration for sending a clear signal that it’s the right move to spend federal ARPA funds to help meet the vast needs for housing in the state. READ MORE