Stephanie Oliveira

Community Health Worker

Stephanie is a Community Health Worker. Prior to this role, she worked at the William D’Abate Elementary School in Providence, working with the children after school. She has lived in Rhode Island all her life. As a child, Stephanie lived in Central Falls and then moved to Pawtucket at the age of 7. Both of her parents are Cape Verdean, and she grew up around the Cape Verdean culture. This experience has benefitted her in many ways, including that she is fluent in multiple languages—Creole, Portuguese, and English.

Stephanie is proud to be a friendly, outgoing individual who enjoys helping others in the best way that she can. For her, it is a plus that she is able to work for a nonprofit that is based on helping people in society transform their lives. She likes to say: We are here to grow, so let’s grow together!

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