The Youth Leadership Academy is being undertaken to inspire residents between the ages of 13-18 with a propensity for leadership to become civically engaged, self-empowered advocates in their community.

The Key objectives for this project are:

  • An understanding of Emotional Intelligence
  • Framework and practice of nonviolent conflict resolution
  • Understanding and framework for community organizing and advocacy

To sign up for the program or nominate a teen in the 02908/02909 ZIP codes, visit: or call Stephanie Moniz ( at (401) 545-7800

Graduates of the Youth Leadership Academy will feel empowered to navigate inequitable systems through emotionally intelligent and nonviolent leadership styles based on steps and principles of mindfulness, Kingian and Rosenberg frameworks of nonviolent communication. At the beginning and end of the Academy students will take a self-scoring EQ test and create a statement about leadership means to them. During each session students will begin with an ice breaker/check in. The facilitator will lead a discussion to create a shared understanding of weekly concepts,  followed by a related activity. Each session will close with group discussion and reflection.

  • Session 1: Emotional Intelligence
  • Session 2: Building Community
  • Session 3: Personal Power/Leadership
  • Session 4: Community Power/Organizing
  • Session 5: Nonviolent Communication
  • Session 6: Graduation Presentation

Participants: 13-18 year old BIPOC residents of 02908/02909

Evaluation quizzes are given at the beginning and end of the program. For graduation, scores will be privately compared. Students will complete an open ended presentation for  the prompt of “Leadership Is…”

A $150 stipend will be given upon completion as well as certificate citations from the city of Providence.