Amherst Gardens

Amherst Gardens is a 36-unit affordable rental development completed in October 2017 and now fully occupied. Located in the residential core of the neighborhood, focused on Amherst Street, this cluster of homes was among the most devastated by the foreclosure crisis. The project transforms 14 formerly foreclosed and blighted properties into attractive, stable and affordable rental housing for 36 families who are invested in contributing to a healthy community.

Location: Scattered site throughout the Olneyville neighborhood centered on Amherst Street

Housing Type: Affordable family rental

Completed: 2017

Units: 36

Contractor: Pezzuco Construction Company

Architect: DBVW Architects

Financing: RI Housing, Citizens Bank, Corporation for Supportive Housing, TD Bank, RI Housing Resources Commission, Eagle Square TIF, City of Providence, LIHTC

Project Cost: $10,200,000