Real Estate Development

ONE Neighborhood Builders builds and renovates housing for purchase by first-time homebuyers or for rent at affordable rates. ONE|NB also promotes economic growth and community cohesiveness in Olneyville and Elmwood through the development of commercial real estate for businesses and community organizations. In addition to remediating blighted, abandoned and foreclosed properties, the spaces that we develop often include preservation of historic buildings – returning residents and commerce to these important landmarks.

Community Building

Housing is so much, and we’re so much more than housing.

In our capacity as community builders, ONE Neighborhood Builders is committed to improving community safety, health, and pride in response to resident priorities. Since 2012 the Community Building department has brought over $1,300,000 into Olneyville to launch new initiatives and expand existing programs to improve food access, increase physical activity, reduce chronic disease and improve the safety of Olneyville residents. ONE|NB is the backbone agency for the Health Equity Zone, a multi-year initiative the Rhode Island Department of health. We also convene the Olneyville Collaborative, a group of over 25 local organizations, businesses, residents, and government officials that come together to share resource, and plan community-wide events.